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Meet The Company

About Us:

Blackberry Productions is a Documentary Theater Company.

We develop and produce theater that sheds light on issues impacting our communities, and bring a cross-section of the community together to:


  ~ Encourage greater cultural awareness and compassion

  ~ Create forums to nurture the spiritual and political health of our          communities

  ~ Create safe space for a multiplicity of voices and perspectives.

  ~ Create forums for collective solutions-focused reflection. 

Blackberry Production’s was founded on a Dual Mission. We create original theater that reflects the untold stories and history of African and Caribbean American people: and we provide arts in education for our schools and the community. How does one relate to the other?

The interplay with the community through our arts education workshops helps Blackberry keep abreast of the changing needs and concerns in our schools and communities. It is this relationship that provides the seeds for the company’s original productions. We use these experiences to capture the stories and issues, and bridge the gaps in the history of our people and create vibrant theater that gives back to us---and to the world at large---new works for the African American literary canon.

In 1984, a playwright and three actors began talking about starting a company so that they could create their own images and tell their own stories as African American artists. “Let’s stop complaining about the distorted and inauthentic images of black people on sage and in media and take responsibility for presenting the complexities of our lives in our own theatrical visions. Let’s create our own vehicle.” Blackberry Productions, Inc was born.

Stephanie Berry

John-Martin Green

Daniel Carlton

Kisha Spence

Reverend Rhonda McLean-Nur


Founding Members

Stephanie Berry 

Aishah Rahman

Keith David

Sandra McPhearson

Artistic Team

Past Board Members

Daniel Carlton

Anthony Gantt

Dr. Henry McCurtis

Zanetta Addams-Pilgrim

Paula Wynters


Founding Board of Directors

John Bess

Rosemary Brown

Rudy Gaskins

Dr. Carol Livingston 

Chad Marshall

Deborah Perry

Founding Artistic Directors

Stephanie Berry and John-Martin Green


Past Associate Artists

Cecilia Braxton

John Berry

Chigui Santiago

Kathi Bently

Greg Holtz

Denise Lock

Richard Harper

Founding Board of Advisors

Sydney Inis

Peter Kleinbard

Donna Walker-Khune


Youth Company

Co-founders and Directors

Kisha Spence and Razina Baines

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