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Arts Education


With over 20 years of expertise, Blackberry Productions is a leader in providing comprehensive Arts-in-Education programs in the New York City area. Our multi-disciplinary arts-in-education packages offer a wide range of residencies, workshops and productions that can be tailored to the specific needs of students and staff.
Blackberry’s Teaching Artists are the best of the best! ---LARRY WILSON 
Principal, Bread and Roses Integrated Arts HS


During this exciting six – twelve week residency, participants create scrapbooks celebrating their personal histories and family lineage. Using theatre games, creative writing and movement, students are carefully guided through a process of self-discovery focusing on important facets of their lives.


In this 8 – 16 week residency, participants will author original fables or folktales embodying moral values they want to pass on. Students study fables from cultures around the globe. Pupils then embark on the intriguing process of crafting their own fables and folktales.


A fun-filled 6 – 12 week residency in which participants take a fresh look at their neighborhoods with an investigative eye. Students do field research on local housing, modes of transportation, businesses, churches, parks and recreation. Students will conduct interviews and surveys with residents, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Each student then drafts a neighborhood map. Taking on the role of City Planners, students devise and ‘ideal neighborhood.’


This program brings live professional performances of original works into the school. BP provides study guides to support pre and post-performances workshops. Our teaching artists work with students and classroom teachers using theater games, improvisations and creative writing to explore subject matters presented in the production. Academic subjects are infused with energy and excitement and students write critical reviews of the performance and create publicity for the presentation.

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